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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi babes, Apologies for being missing in action again. For the past week, I had been busy uploading all available items onto my new webby. Finally, we can officially launch it on this special day to everyone. Yes its a long wait because we had been working hard day and night to fix the codings and problems etc... I hope that you will fall in love with the layout ya...its designed by a friend who have been really innovative and sweet to produce and incorporate Petalthots creations on it. Well, we love it and hope that you will too! Great news!!! No fret that GSS deadline is due, we will be extending it till the end of this month. Isnt it great? YOU HAVE MORE TIME TO SHOP AND AT NEW HASSLE FREE WAY!!!!! To add on.....stay tune for a special update on a "Once & Never Before" SALE. Tune in gals!!!!! With the launch of the new webby, we will begin to accept orders from there. To facilitate friends who had been using our system to purchase items, we will continue to take in orders through email. No worries. :) Start your clicks @ www.petalthots.com

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