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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yebber Fashion Fusion @The Mind Cafe on 30 June 2007

Exclusive Items Available at the event!! Whilst stock Last!
Sunday, June 24, 2007

Im back home at last. so tired bringing all my clothes home. But very happie because I get to see new faces and meet more people. Just when my sisters and I were packing the stuffs and going off, a guy keep looking at us and wanted to tell us something. Then, I ask him what does he wans to say. He said in a rather confusing manner to us that he was looking for something. Im trying to listen to him very hard as he is not local and the "slang" just sounds weird. I managed to understand a bit and learned that he came yesterday with his gf and they fancy a piece of pendant. He was looking for that piece of necklace which I have made and wonder if its still available. Out of pity for such a loving and caring guy for gf, I opened my boxes one by one. I found that pendant and added the chains to him. He is very delighted and I felt very happie too! Its another happy ending. I hope that his gf will really understands his sincere love towards her and that necklace. (He some more ask me to make another customization for him :(. I wanted to but the stuffs are all in my boxes already)

This event is very experiencing for me and pretty successful. Will consider having more of such events in future.

Coming up next would be my event at Mind's Cafe, 68 Boat Quay. Will bring some of my clothes and handmade accessories.

Till then, tommorrow hope can post some updates, if possible to wake up...... cya

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey heey!!! home at last!! closed early today~~:( though a lot of movie-goers and people around but....haha come back and start my dreams earlier....tired leh...
have been making new pieces today....and im glad whenever a customer is happy to receive my customized design for them. There are some new stocks of clothings today and response seems to be good as I sold some today the moment its up on the racks.

okies ya! Time to hug my tv first before some rest. muackz ~

Hope that tommorrow will be a better day!
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bazaar at Orchard Cineleisure Part IV

wah sei!!! Isnt the gal in the picture pretty? ~_~ left or right? haha lolxxx lolxx omg omg so happiee!!! Its Jamie Teo la of coz. aiyo~~ quite sian lor..i forget to ask her to take the picture in front of my booth where my handmade accessories are displayed. haih~ nvm bahz. She's really pretty in face-to-face and friendly yeah!!. Well~ she bought a skirt from me :) koolzz!! haha love this picture lots!! My poly fren ~ Claudia was there too. She also took one picture with her.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bazaar at Orchard Cineleisure Part III

This is one of my favourite work. Designed this piece today :) If you like it, please drop by at Orchard Cineleisure B1 for it ~~ *_*

To order, email me at itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg

Visit my live auction!


Bazaar at Cineleisure Part II

Here's a preview of the items that are available at my event. Thanks gals who have dropped by to visit me for the past few days. Hope that you all enjoyed the accessories...
Im doing on-the-spot customization too!! Do drop by one of these days, if you do not want to miss anything...:) cya~

To order, email me at itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg

Visit my live auction!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

at home finally....tired tired tired. been working till late for the past 2 days. but yippe!! today can come home early and settle some online things..

miss me mah everyone? haha...like talking to myself...lolxxx!!!
made some new friends and add some gals to my mailing list. I feel happy when my customer are delighted and thrilled when they see my work. Its erh...a sense of satisfaction gained!! :) wahhhaaa!! funnie lah... Its been quite fun though, get to meet some really cute people. My sisters and brothers were there to help me out :), so much jokes with them around... muackzzz love them lots....i feel very fortunate to have so much support and love! thanks to my dear too, who has been consistently giving me his love, care, encouragement and support. I wonder how my life will be without u...I really miss u alot dear :) if you get to see this para.

I hope EVERY tommorrow will be a better and greater day for me. *_* okie, that's all folks...now its time for me to get some sleep and prepare for a longer battle tommorrow.

loves dear, family and friends
Thursday, June 14, 2007

HoHOHo!! Aloha!!

This is a new reporting for the situation at Orchard Cineleisure B1. There's crowd and youngster all around. The limelight is on the booth Im blogging in now. Congratulations to have reached 3 sales today for my handmade accessories! well its a good start. I have finished setting up not long ago and now ~ pretty tired, but grinning away ~~ wee!!!

Saw my meowmeow~ so guai to lend me his support. sayang him to bits.... Cheer up meow!! Hope life's great for you in office too!!

Thanks mummy boo for your comments! Its a great encouragement for me. Life is getting better and greater~~

Cya!! back to make more blings for my lovely, friendly customers & frens!!
I promise that you that I will definitely do better than now!!!
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Todae seems to be a funnie day.....my right upper eye lid keeps twitching. hmm...how much do we understand about eye-twitching? A few people have different say about this. According to past beliefs, some believe that there are different meaning for every side of twitch or it may be due to some nerves reactions. So what's all these about? Would you like to find out more? I would say that, personally, I hope someone can tell me more about eye-twitching. haha~ believe it or not? If you know anything~ share it with me pls :)

I have done some web surfing about this prior to blogging this out.
Source: eyecaresource.com
Eye Twitch - Preventive Measures
Stress management - keep stress under control
Get plenty of sleep to keep eye muscles rested
When in vision intensive scenarios such as computer work, take frequent breaks to give the eyes a break.
Source: The university of Michigan Kellogg eye centre
Eyelid Spasms (Eye Twitching)
Definition The three most common types of eyelid spasms are eyelid twitch, essential blepharospasm, and hemifacial spasm.
Eyelid Twitch.The cause of minor eyelid twitching is unknown. A slight spasm of the lower eyelid or even both eyelids is common and of no concern.
Twitching or spasm around the eyes
Facial spasms
The symptoms described above may not necessarily mean that you have eyelid spasms. However, if you experience one or more of these symptoms, contact your eye doctor for a complete exam.
Eyelid Twitch.Minor eyelid twitches require no treatment as they usually resolve spontaneously. Reducing stress, using warm soaks, or correction of any refractive error may help. Some ophthalmologists recommend reducing caffeine usage.

Above are just some general comments taken for more information & knowledge. Should there be any serious problem about the eye, please seek professional doctor advice.

Thanks! :)
Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome myself to my new world of dreams!!

Dreams? why do I call it dreams? haha...hehe I shall declare the re-opening day of posting my thoughts or dreams here...
Well, it is not the first time that I am blogging thoughts here but this shall be my new dreams castle from now onwards!

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