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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Its quite some time since the last update on my boy. He is a big boy now!! A dog now haha...no more a puppy sobs...:) Cheers on to my Meepo who had been well-behaved, perhaps he knows when to bully his mama and papa. Below is some pictures of how he eat or should I describe as "destroyed"? kekeke...anyway here is my cute cute dearest meepo ~~~~

Simply from the state of the cake, you will know how he enjoyed it....he licks all the cream before munching on the cake inner. perhaps he only loves the cream? But look at him, his fur and paws are all the CREEEAAAMMM!! as if he used his paws to eat? haha he even licks his paw in the end...

There goes the destroyer...

ITS FINALLY MINE!!! all my time...

And ohh how long more? Mama:"till u can sit still for a picture" haha....

Hey come on.. "give it to me" mama plsss i cant stand just looking at it. pleaded meepo...

Meep simply cant wait... he is drooling can u see?

ooh..mama singing birthday song for meepo!

And here is the other side of view...

This is the birthday cake which is in the shape of a hamburger. oohh he loves it to bits. And it is written "Meepo we love u" on it. meaning mama & papa loves meepo :)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good to know. Extracted from my email


For those who sleep in the air-cond room A friend of mine has passed away recently, Please read the mail below and be careful. Heard of a bad news regarding Charleine, who studied in MSMKL with some of us. She passed away last weekend due to carbon monoxide poisoning. It happened when she lighted an aromatheraputic candle for the night in a room with air-conditioning on and all windows closed. Due to lack of oxygen in the room, the burning of the candle cannot fully oxidized & thus forming dangerous carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide will prevent oxygen exchange in the lungs, resulting the person dozing off to state of unconsciousness & eventually death in less than 1 hour, depending on the room size. I am sending this e-mail out to all of you so that you will be aware of such danger when lighting aromatheraputic candles in any unventilated rooms. Please forward this email to all your love ones.


Its not easy to start. Its not simple ever to start something that you want to do. But without giving it a go, it would definitely not going to be easy anytime.

Talking about having a new career. How do you perceive your future to be or how do you expect yourself to be doing in 5years down the road?
I joined a new company and things are going from scratch and its everything. From recruitment to getting things in place. There would always seem to have 101 things to complete. Everyone is so busy with their respective area and stuffs. Will you want to be seen alone or being anti-social?

In general, new graduates or younger people who had step into this working world, are more energetic, fun-loving and having the willing-to-try attitude. It is good, very postive head start.
Those in their mid-career, in general, have more experience, task-driven, and some may even be in their peak of their career.

I am giving myself a new opportunity to do something for myself or for my future. My main interests is to work-from-home, focusing on jewelry making and online stuff. I really hope that one fine day, this can be fulfilled. I need to talk, to talk to him....

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