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Thursday, February 5, 2009

House is in a mess now. The painters are here to paint the whole house and there are so much things to do. Beads have to be put aside to better organise the process. Meepo had been a good boy so far without much disruption. He likes to look at me wherever I am and goes while I am moving things around.

Should I take another leave tommorrow?

My New 2009 Year Plans:

1) Prepare for 13/14 Feb Vday event at clarke quay and 28 Feb - 1 Mar event at Tiong Bahru Plz. And more event in this year.
2) Do more fascinating designs to warm the hearts of many ladies. With the encouragement and support from my overwhelming clienteles and friends, I believe it would not be a difficult task. Though I would have to manage between work and beading business, I feel that time management is very important for me. I need to stay focus, calm in handling any situation.
3) Start work at my new organisation and perform to my best abilities. I do hope that it would be one that I can excel in.
4) Know what is needed and desires of woman and bring in more ideas.
5) Plans to sell internationally, have a new layout and bring in my brand to big departmental stores?
6) Love Meepo and provide him with all the care and needs.
7) Have a fruitful and enjoyable 2009
8) Stay healthy so that I can manage my work easier
9) Travel to beads factories/stores worldwide
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A random update of my baby. He is growing everyday and I wish to be with him always. So lovely and cute but hyperactive. His nature and character is so adorable and active. Sometimes he just makes you so angry but also make you so happy. Meepo.....papa and mama loves you.

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