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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

haihzzz busy and tiring time at work...till no time to update my personal blog....nvm...still have to write something to distress.... arrggghhh!!!!!

Actually not too much of workload now but I can foresee lots, lots, alot, alot & many more responsibilities piling up at my shoulder. They say its my babies..today learned many new things from a senior (Yishun). Grateful for her to cover my duties when I have not joined and teaching me all that she knows. I hope I can pick up all her skills asap. I wana learn!!!!!!! yelled!!!! haha!!!!! There is a lot of work, fun & most probably enjoyment. Afterall, no pain no gain....& no fruitful experience. This is the life of an executive. Well~it was something which I have look upon since I have graduate from poly and step into the work society. The time and journey to get to this stage is not easy but its memorable. I quite like it :) at least I felt a sense of achievement gained. Will continue to strive harder in life.
Monday, August 13, 2007

These are some back-dated photos for sharing. Taken these during Krunk II event at Siloso beach. Its a party nite-out at Sapphire Pavilion. This is nice name, but unfortunately my cam cant take a nice shot of the name. haih~~ nvm nvm!!!

Enjoy! my slides storyline.......

NEW LAYOUT!!! haha!! am advised by a relative to change to something pure white. I bought these table cloths from Ikea. nope I wont let go of my red velvet outlook.....simply still love it. Im not the type that is "si xin yan jiu"....more emo type.....wakaka!!!
Necklaces, Earrings!!!! New Layout!

Necklaces & Bracelets

Some studs made!!! Still available!!

Dolls wants to sneak in too!! oh my dolls!! please jie help me make *MORE*

New Layout! Do u think its cool?
Read on please!!!!

Necklaces, pendants...

Clay Pendants by overseas artist....wana see how messy i look on that day? just like a "CG" there...:p dun ask me what is "CG"

Myself!!! haha!! hair so messy :( lolz!! can imagine how great is the breeze!!! Its nice though to make new creations here!! Show u something which is made during the event. Kinda inspirational??? Read on please!!!!

this one!!
My table!! I hope this new layout will bring me more inspiration, luck, ideas, attraction....blah blah blah. Its kinda pure, clean and neat?
though table no. not so nice :(

I know Im "bandan" aka superstitious....... messy hair *shy*


showing some of my customization....:)
Christina in Spring~Christina wanted a remake of Spring Beauty but I have run out of the white background filigree. Its from Japan. I told her that I have another piece but its black. This is how it looks like but in black. As the background is black I do not want to use the grey roses which I have used in Spring Beauty.
Rose de Jenn ~ Jenn wanted a pair of earrings which is the same as Jrosie but in silver rhodium. did this for her. Hope that she will like it :)

haha more customization to be shown!!! Actually I have done quite some but erh dun really feel like choking it up on my Petalthots main page. okie here shall they be!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hope to show you some pictures which I have taken at Ripleys' at genting. Its pretty ex- to go in RM18 but the exhibition are simply terrific!! There is really a lot of unexpected things in life. So much so that you do not think its possible, do not think its real and everything is HARD TO BELIEVE!!! If you are going to genting anytime this year, I would recommend this place. Over a rating of 5 stars for "whether to go" or not, I would give it a 4 "must go".

Most of the people that I know of will sure sure go to the theme park. BUT!! Fyips!!! I went to genting for so many times since I've started working and having a fix income, I have never step into the theme park in genting. I duno why, it looks fun and freezing cool but its just not something which I like lorhzzz!! haha!!
But during my July trip, my dear and I actually wanted to go in but changed our minds later on. Also because of lack of time to play around, especially you have to queue for the rides.
okies cool readerzz!! stay tune!! this is just part I of my adventure with Ripleys'...more to come though.

haha!! also forgotten what is this? Different types of fruit knives? maybe have to ask my dear because he is the one who enjoyed this adventure the most.
I kinda forget what is this? Right is the back view of my dear.

Close up picture of the statues. Left is the male and right is the female. obviously rite? why do I have to explain?? lolz!! nvm.... the woman is carrying her baby. It is said that it can boost fertilization rate.

There is a tale whereby if you touch the female or male? statue, you can get fertilized easily....lolx!!! wahhaa try it if you want babies!!!

Believe it or not?

The letters written by late Wayne Harbour

Close up picture of
The Berlin Wall Timeline

The Berlin Wall Timeline

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I would like to share some of my joy during this year's birthday! Though its a late update of my birthday celebration, I hope it can bring back some memories & more joy. This picture is taken with my family members on my 2_th birthday...:p ooppss my age....sad to say that Im feeling old. But I feel that age does not prevent my motivation, determination, passion & creativity in life. Same goes to my designing works.

Been sick and on a low morale on the past few days....which is mainly the reason for my lack of updates. My dear supporters, if you are reading this, I would like to say very sorry for that. I am also taking this as an opportunities for a break and I hope to improvise and seek new inspirations for my work. From now on, I think I might not be updating daily as is what I have been doing for the past month. Updates will be periodically and as and when I have new collection.

Hereby thanking those who have MADE a contribution/comments. Without these, it will not push me further to surpass myself and provide more creative works.

Sometimes, I do agree that seeing what others say/think do affects your emotion. I would not be angry or blame you for that, mainly because of the reason that I feel that some of you may be too young and immature. Just grow up and you may realize what you have done its right/wrong and it takes time too!

Sometimes I feel that, we should be contented with what we have and enjoying now. Time do not stop for people. We really have to show more care and concern, not only for those around you but also for others. I believe that its better to show care than not as it just shows your integrity and character. Be polite and sincere to others and you will be respected.

Monday, August 6, 2007

This is something Im can say Im really proud in myself with!
EYECANDY! Love Pixie!!
My Greatest love in making ribbon flowers!
My Dreams in crafting more drooling, gorgeous trinkets
My Passion in making your favourite and unresistable pieces
What else can you say no to buying my creations?
What other reasons can you give to choose others than me?
Am I good enough?
I am still improving. PLEASE please let me know or drop me an email. Tell me the ways to improvise or give me urrrsssss IDEAS!
I love listening to you and reading your mails.
Let's blog or email about this!! haha!!!
P/s: I think Im crazy and getting out of mind. lolz...today is my birthday and Im sad. gotta spent this whole nightmare alone. Why do I call it a nightmare? Simply because that I feel that Im getting wrinkled and old. REN LAO ZHU HUANG! lolz this is the phrase that I always, always hear from my ex-colleague. Still can remember her voices for this phrase vividly. Btw, I wish all of you out there who came out to this world and born the same day as me a very very "Happy Birthday!" Be happy and may the journey gets more exciting for ALL of us...(including you reading) *winks*
Love ya!
oops...forgot?? I have forgotten to thank those who have taken the time to remember and drop me a sms wishing me happy birthday. realli i appreciate that and I wana let you know that, you are the BEST! You make my day a happier day! Great Day!
Sunday, August 5, 2007

Its been a tiring time for the last weekend but things go on smoothly and fruitful event. Its was quite successful eventually. I really hope that things will go on like this from now go.
Gonna share some nice pictures take during the event.
"Can see? Most of the trinkets shown in this portion are my speciality exclusively for the event. Fancy anything? If you have missed it :p, email me, I may just give you are surprise!! haha!!!"
EARRINGS!! and more earrings. Those displayed in the blue rectangular box are my new designs specially for this event. Some of them are still available! :)~~ no~no... feeling something dripping.....EMAIL!!!

" Some earrings babies!! "

"All my special collection ~ mainly necklaces. Mostly sold...but email me O:p??"

"My dear bazaar partner who has went thru the hardship of running events with me together. Its not easy but with each other's help and support, nothing can stop us! I hope that both of us will be successful in our entrepreneurship. Jia You!"


Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Things That I Do For Free Tickets!

Under the sun, within the glass panels, there are pillars of bricks. Beneath the bricks, there are there are several cushion seatings. In front of these seats, a screen showing the latest blockbuster in town. What's more better a time where you can share the same movie with a promising community of cool and energetic movie-goers? Nuffnang, bringing you opportunities of good networking.
Thursday, August 2, 2007

This is something nice. Make a cup of coffee/tea with a slice of cake. Enjoy this beautiful song. Relax, Enjoy!!!


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