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Monday, October 22, 2007

Working at my new company is quite an interesting experience. I get to know a lot of good friends, from the colleagues in the same department to colleagues in other department, and as well as the security :) All of them are friendly, young and fun people to work with. There's laughter, smiles, memorable times and also times whereby we all worked real real hard. I enjoyed the events held most. Besides the usual seriousness, fun and joy plays a part. All made an effort.

However, there are also sour times too! :( Well do not really like to remember them and keep them in my heart.

Okies....everyone do you think today I'll be blogging about my new workplace with my new colleagues only?

haha :))) read on....

Ever wonder or had the thoughts like :"Why is work so sienz?" Why do we have to work so hard just to make ends meet? Why cant we work and do something that interests us or as a hobby? It would be so enjoyable, I guess....I guess all of you who are reading this will agree this point. Who do not wished to work for something that is of our interests? Well said....life goes on. If everyone would to think like that, everyone will be a happy man/woman.

Somehow, Im saving and I will work towards achieving my goals. This is just a stepping point. I will learn from here and aspire. Last night, I was thinking till hard....why am I working so hard? Am I really happy?

If you had come across any good advertising source, let me know...I would like to advertise. I hope to bring my blog to more people and increase my traffic and sales...:))) my dreams.... trying to fulfill this little dream of mine.
Friday, October 19, 2007

Yummy yummy yum!!!! Cool donuts & CUPCAKES in different shapes, sizes and characters!!. I always want to try the famous donuts at Raffles City. But the q there... ya you know right :( always long. This day, I have bought some lovely cupcakes and donuts from a bakery shop (cant remember the name but its "B...."something). I was thinking in my mind that (Hurray!! Can eat this lata liao!!). As I walked towards the taxi stand to wait for my sister, I saw another shop "DonutDonut". I couldn't resist the temptation :)) bought a few more donuts.....*winks*

The nice box packaging of a cupcake. Cant remember the name but its something like "B...." at Tanjong Pagar centre.
This is a cupcake in a smiley face. This is the raspberry favour. Its sweet, munchy and tasty. Recommended!!

These are the same from "B...." shop at Tanjong Pagar. Their donuts are more different from the "DonutDonut". Theirs is thicker and taste more like cake favour.

A heartshape donut with sprinklers. Within the donut, there is a raspberry juice fillings. Very sweet and delicious. KawaiiS!!!

These are the donuts that I have bought from "DonutsDonuts". Did you notice why there were 5 only? For an eating queen like me, how can only 5? haha!! Its in my stomach liao lorh.... Yum Yum!!! *grins*

The overall box packaging of "DonutsDonuts". My favourite colour PINK!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another 3 choices

Monday, October 15, 2007

Banner 3

Banner 2

Banner 1

Hey peeps! Do me a favour...tell me which is nicer? I have designed 3 link banner and not sure which is good for use? Or perhaps, should I get 2 of them?

drop me an email or leave a comments.

Oh ya!! In case you do not know, these are my old banner.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


hmmm I think its mysterious, sexy, unique, stylish, classy and most important of all, DIFFERENT from others!!! She's looking at something, discovering something, out of the daily stack of usual happenings. She is getting out of her life, finding herself landing in Petalthots bloggie!!!

Hey passerbys, if you think my new blog layout is nice, drop a comments!!! It meant a lot to me!!! heex...haha...think I should come up with some special gift for someone who gives me some valuable feedbacks.

okies...back to wiring stuffs...check out more ya peeps...muacks :))))

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