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Monday, July 30, 2007

What is the topic to blog about today? Alright, without further delay, I shall talk about the community ~ Nuffnang

Cool logo, I would say. The cute litte, actionmatic ~ mankind figure staring upwards represents a person trying to tell the whole world of their individual, fancinating story behinds. It also represents the advertiser role's of trying to reach out the public in an effort to gain more publicity.

Why is it call "Nuffnang"? With reference to the site, it is a Jafaikan word and it means "Real Good/Cool". Though it does not gives me any blink or relation to any meaning or language, it does give me a refreshing feel. Its pretty cool and unique.

Nuffnang.com.sg being a community to reach out to each and individual or also known as bloggers, to create an enhanced platform to foster relationships, create bonds and more opportunities, etc...

Last but not least, haha to congratulate myself as my Petalthots blog has been chosen by advertiser ~ Nike Singapore to advertise their Nikewomen branding. It is a campaign for Nike skyscaper centre. Realli, realli am very very happy because it is a good news to me and I strive to work harder to create more attractive, unique & artistic trinkets. Please please stay with me and watch me grow with my creativity and designing efforts. You can just enter my accessories blog~ Petalthots and you will be able to see the ad alreadi.....ITS UP!!!

realli thankful and appreciate all the nuffnangers team for all the efforts in scouring for the new advertisers and making this happening....
Saturday, July 28, 2007

WhoaWhoaWhoa!!! The Smart Way to ShopSwop!!

A customer of mine sent me this site, YouSwop.com. Its a community for swopping of things. I think this idea is pretty interesting and seems like quite a few around. But this is one of the big community I have seen so far. The members are increasing and you are swopping worldwide. Look worldwide means international! Okay, one will think like erhm...:"What about the shipping fees?" No matter you are swopping internationally or locally, the shipping fees applies. You have to bear the shipping so as the other party. I think its fair as its a two-sided form of transaction. In addition, you need not pay for the full cost of buying this item. Its much, much worth it, plus you can get rid of your the extras which you do not need. haha!!! Great deal huh?

Its presently on a beta stage and joining subject to invitation only. If you are interested to join this community, email me and I will send you the invitation. My email address is itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg

Surprise surprise notice.....I have joined and may be posting some of my designs there. haha!! who knows?
Friday, July 27, 2007

As promised, I will show you some interesting pictures which I have taken during my trip. Its kinda a mystery, guessing games....haha have fun all!!

#01 Puzzle

Its really cool and have a try. Personally, I had encountered some problems when I am attempting to this game. Its kinda conflicting, weird at first, which shows how true this is.
For those who cant read the last line, it says: "Your right brain tries to say the color but your left brain insists on reading the word." Its exactly in my case. Leave a comment for us to share how true it is to yourself.

p/s: All these will be uploaded one every other day wheneva Im free....:p will try to upload as soon ya!!


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its a cooling and breezy place. Here I am enjoying this place of paradise and comfort. hey babes....its really cool here and its my fav. holiday destination. Price is affordable at least for the type of things here. Although there's not much things which you can do here but at least if you are with someone you love, its different.

Have watched a roll of movies lately. lolzz I watched harry porter twice, one in sg and one here. Today is the launch of the final book for Harry Porter series and I do wonder how the story is. This movie episode ~ "The order of the phoenix" is quite different from the book. hmmm its normal....

I came out from the theatre few hours ago, for transformer.. whoa!!! amazing story, exciting effects. One would think that its a show full of tecnological devices, robotic and violent. I have another view after watching it. Robots also have feeling yea? kinda touching when the young boy actually feel sadden when he sees bumblebee being hurt. I feel sad too..... My favourite of the metal giants are BUMBLEBEE & OPTIMAL PRIME!!!! (dun realli know how to spell). They r real kooolllzzz!!!! I can still recall the cartoon ~ "transformer" during my childhood days. Its my younger brother's fav toys during then.... Its already IS veri popular during that time. Im sure those who grew up with it will love it for sure....great movie!!!

well...that sums up part of my itinery here.... I have made a necklace at the hotel just now and feels lazier.....I would be loading it tommorrow (hopefully).....
I wish that Petalthots will be well-known, loved by all and more popular than eva.
Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

These are some of the snapshots taken during Timbre event. =) taken by my bro...lolz...thinking why Im not in the picture? lolz I also duno why...hahahaahhhaa!! enjoy!

gosh!! I think Im infected by one disease. Its one of a kind and unusual. Im infected by the craze to shop and shop for beads. Nowadays, Im rather scared to go out to shop for new beads. The reason is simple. It is because I will always and always end up buying a lot, alot, alot....alot.....alot and alot, alot, alot, alot (neverending) beads. Whenever Im outside shopping for beads, which I love to do, I like all the new charms/beads/design and I would want to bring them to Petalthots. I want to bring in new stuff and new ideas and never want to be lack of ideas. Lately, I feel that I should go and find a job and mend this in a part time basis. Should I? This is a question which I am still thinking and considering. I think that I should and must do it. But my passion is in beading and creating new blings. Sometimes, I would be thinking this way. How come some of the online website sells so well? Every of their items are always snatch, reserve within a short period of time. Its really fast till you cant really imagine. Am I losing out to them in terms of my workmanship?, my sincerity?, my designs?, my ideas?....omg what m I thinking? HEY!! you out there reading this, dun just read lah...give me some kind feedback, comments or suggestions. I would be grateful. Dun worry, I will take each and every comment seriously, though I may not reply instanteously or may not reply, I will remember them and try to put them into practice.

Well, I have just came home with loads of beads and findings. Im thinking of selling some of my extra beads. It can help to subside my income abit hor? well, maybe I will do it after my KL trip. yupz going kl find weiwei again....I miss wei. haven seen him for 2months++...going to 3 alreadi. I will be bringing my tools there and hopefully, I would be able to bring back more and more creations for Petalthots!!!

back to uploading bloggy and wiring~~ tata cya~~
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Valerie taking a little break after a stretching yoga exercise. I have been practising Hatha Yoga for 5years and still counting. Sometimes I wonder what gaves me the energy and interests to continue doing it. I am doing like once-a-week basis. During my first 3-4 years, I also do them at home. There are many steps and poses and kinda hard to memorise all and practise them correctly at home. It was after sometime then the technique was built in. haha!! what do you think happened on the 4th-5th year? haihzzz lazy and lazier lah!! Also feeling more tired due to work. But I still practise it once a week.

About what gaves me the energy to continue it for so long? hmmm pondering a while :"...............

Its relaxing, destressing, useful to me? Hatha yoga is not like those ordinary yoga whereby you practise mostly breathing techniques. During each session, we have to perform various poses, exercise, etc.... very tired....AND on the 2nd day, you will FEEL the results. LOLX!!!!! wahhaaahhaa!! why do I bold/caps those words. okie back to topic...Every 2nd day I will always feel muscle pain. I always feel that when doing such exercises, the energy to push me to go on is this phrase ~ NO PAIN NO GAIN! Yupz!! Its effective and helpful. For those who feels lazy and giving excuses to exercise, keep this phrase in your heart and hope that it can be of help to u.

Since I am doing Petalthots Creations full-time basis, perhaps, I can find some time out to do some yoga at home? okies will get it started. bathing time~~ and dinner so hungry now!!!! You can almost hear my stomach grumbling :" I WANT FOOD".


Monday, July 9, 2007

YAY!!! Finally I manage to make my own blogskin for my Petalthots-Clothes!!!! haha!! But there is still a lot of improvements to be done. Very tired after doing it for half a day. I didnt even do any trinkets neh.... nvm tommorrow will start to prepare for Timbre event and China Square event. Phew! think its quite acceptable ya? Please please any website designer and IT expert can provide me with some help ya? heex!! I wanted something that is attractive and able to display my products to the online customer. I hope it manage to deliver my message ya....

Here is a screenshot!!! heehee!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Im so sorry readers. Sorry for being so slow and late in uploading these photos. Better be late than never. These are some of the pictures which I have taken at Mind Cafe on 30 June 2007. Although there isnt a lot but will try to grab some from my friend...lolz!! kk....things went on well on that day. Its another good experience for me because I get to meet a few very sweet and nice bloggers too!!

Well, as said, a lot of bloggers actually set up a mini stall there so it means I get the chance to shop around. Whoohoo!! shopping rather than making money =p. Its a great time shopping lor!! I manage to see some faces which we usually only get to see their writings. When there are chances such as this, it is good as in we get to meet up not only to gain more publicity but we do some social networking. Some of us even exchange namecards. I think my namecard design is the ugliest :(.....others are all so NICeeeeeee (jealous)... Nevertheless, hope to join more of such events again.

These are Claudia's babies! She handmade all of them. Imagine all the hardwork and efforts put on them. At times, she even shed blood...lolz exaggerating!! What Im trying to say is, she pricked herself while sewing. All must buy her stuff okies!! Boyfriends!! show your love to your girlfriends lah!!! Surprise them with such unique stuff..... ahem!! ahheem!!! Not to forget, visit http://petalthots.blogspot for more handmade accessories too!! lolz!! self-advertising!! paiseh! Its a job sickness!

And these are my fanciful, stylish clothings imported from overseas. Looks messy ya!! but its gal's heaven neh!! Well, just let it be lah....not messy got people see meh??

These are my babies creations! All handmade and self-designed by myself. Im constantly improving and hope to produce more stuffs for (YOU) lovely babes!

My necklaces and bracelets. If there is anything which you fancy in the above pictures, dun hesitate anymore, email me for order/enquiries NOW! I would glady answer your questions! Well gals, stay tuned!!


wonder if there's anyone reading? nevermind, I will talk to myself.... (omg!! sounds insane).
well been busy preparing this and that. really so much things to do and so little time.

All I wish is for Petalthots to become more popular!! Spread the words!! Feel like shouting out of the window:" Hey you out there! Have you heard of Petalthots? " wahahaa kekeekeke *giggling away* haha!!

okies back to do photoshop~
Tuesday, July 3, 2007


haha!! above quoted from my cute little Abercombie t-shirt.
I really have a lot of ideas and designs to create but lack of time. god please provide me more time and ENERGY. I always feel tired so easily or maybe lazy? Lack of motivation. Can someone out there please give me a call to motivate me? send me more love...i nid lotsa of them love love love....I need support please!! Buy more Petalthots Creations!!!! haha!!

waitiing for my new claybeads from swiss. Ginette is a good clay crafter and really excited to receive her handmade clays. Does any of you know that Im a claybead lover? Well, I LOVE CLAYBEADS!! how I wish I can make my own Petalthots Claybeads. hmm...I would work towards it. I tried doing some but they are not what I have expected.

gtg bathing time~ jus back from yoga and stick to my pc till now....cya
Sunday, July 1, 2007

pissed off.....I tried my best to build up good relationship, good networking. Some ppl are very nice naturally but some arent. They have some kind of ego or attitude problem. Do you think I care? I cant be bothered. I would rather spend my time to better use or make more creations. I also wont care how other ppl look or think of me. I am who I am. I am always friendly and nice to everyone because I think that I should respect other ppl before they would respect me. Over at my old office, I always try to help each and every officer but I do not expect any returns. Somehow I feel that its better not to expect anything rather than be disappointed. One of my friend told me that he is always nice because he hope that other ppl will help him when he meets problem or needs help. Well~ different ppl have different views. Its the same. My view is different from yours; my style of working also differs.

My ex-colleague cum good friend has gone to India. :( miss her.....hope she is enjoying her time now. Please take care of your dearie okies! :p heehee...bring back some unique beading stuff for me too!! *smiles*

okies....very tired after the events. rather quiet today. erh should have brought my 2nd hand stuff there too! lolx lotsa uncles and aunties though, nice experience. Oo ya!! A proposal received!!! ahhaha!!! Though this is not the first time that I receive offers/proposal, Im still very glad and excited on every one because it determines my potential in designing. When its Tare.Hugz era, I have more. dunoo why but did receive quite a few... But I did not accept any because Im doing it on part time and do not really have much time for that.

okies sleeping time. good nite!

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