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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

While I was archiving my old pictures, I saw some of my old creation and haha was thinking about sharing with you some of my old collection here. It is not those that can be found here in this blog. They were long way back when I had first started selling in Yahoo auctions. Its kinda of pity and sad that yahoo had ended the auction service for sg, having accompanied many of us in successfully building up our online sales journey. Tare.Hugz (my former jewelry brand name) had first started selling handmade jewelries in yahoo auction in 2002, while Petalthots were mainly for selling imported clothes. Thinking back, my photography skills were very lousy that time as I was not able to capture very well as you can see. Sometimes, I do find it jovial and were laughing over it.


Some were lost during the change of lappie. If you were a customer of Tare.Hugz (email bloomingvale_hearts@yahoo.com.sg) and if you still happen to have some of my previous pictures, I would really appreciate if you can email me with the pictures. yeah! to keep some of my fond memories. My email is itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg.

Another shout for ex-customer of Tare.Hugz!!!! If you would like to join my mailing list, do email to itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg.
At the same time, I would also like to thank those who had accompanied and supported me since Tare.Hugz, you know who you are, from the bottom of my heart, I really really appreciate your support.

Memories aside, there's something to share with you on what I had done in the past few months.

A mixture serie of different bread collection


Hai-nan Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭

Nasi Lemak 椰桨饭

These are miniature collection of different local delights and delicious food handmade from clay. They look yummy uh? Well, alot of preparation are done to ensure each ingredient would turn out to look exactly like real life. I love the new creation of hai-nan chicken rice and nasi lemak. These were learnt from my master who have years of experience in this line. I am not officially selling these now but if you are interested to purchase any of the above miniatures, please do enquire within. Oh ya! forget to add they are approximately the size of a 50cent coin.

My email is itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg

That's all for now, I would be loading new items very soon, most probably tommorrow. Cya soon!! Do stay tune!


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