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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Its not easy to start. Its not simple ever to start something that you want to do. But without giving it a go, it would definitely not going to be easy anytime.

Talking about having a new career. How do you perceive your future to be or how do you expect yourself to be doing in 5years down the road?
I joined a new company and things are going from scratch and its everything. From recruitment to getting things in place. There would always seem to have 101 things to complete. Everyone is so busy with their respective area and stuffs. Will you want to be seen alone or being anti-social?

In general, new graduates or younger people who had step into this working world, are more energetic, fun-loving and having the willing-to-try attitude. It is good, very postive head start.
Those in their mid-career, in general, have more experience, task-driven, and some may even be in their peak of their career.

I am giving myself a new opportunity to do something for myself or for my future. My main interests is to work-from-home, focusing on jewelry making and online stuff. I really hope that one fine day, this can be fulfilled. I need to talk, to talk to him....

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