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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

haihzzz busy and tiring time at work...till no time to update my personal blog....nvm...still have to write something to distress.... arrggghhh!!!!!

Actually not too much of workload now but I can foresee lots, lots, alot, alot & many more responsibilities piling up at my shoulder. They say its my babies..today learned many new things from a senior (Yishun). Grateful for her to cover my duties when I have not joined and teaching me all that she knows. I hope I can pick up all her skills asap. I wana learn!!!!!!! yelled!!!! haha!!!!! There is a lot of work, fun & most probably enjoyment. Afterall, no pain no gain....& no fruitful experience. This is the life of an executive. Well~it was something which I have look upon since I have graduate from poly and step into the work society. The time and journey to get to this stage is not easy but its memorable. I quite like it :) at least I felt a sense of achievement gained. Will continue to strive harder in life.

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