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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hope to show you some pictures which I have taken at Ripleys' at genting. Its pretty ex- to go in RM18 but the exhibition are simply terrific!! There is really a lot of unexpected things in life. So much so that you do not think its possible, do not think its real and everything is HARD TO BELIEVE!!! If you are going to genting anytime this year, I would recommend this place. Over a rating of 5 stars for "whether to go" or not, I would give it a 4 "must go".

Most of the people that I know of will sure sure go to the theme park. BUT!! Fyips!!! I went to genting for so many times since I've started working and having a fix income, I have never step into the theme park in genting. I duno why, it looks fun and freezing cool but its just not something which I like lorhzzz!! haha!!
But during my July trip, my dear and I actually wanted to go in but changed our minds later on. Also because of lack of time to play around, especially you have to queue for the rides.
okies cool readerzz!! stay tune!! this is just part I of my adventure with Ripleys'...more to come though.

haha!! also forgotten what is this? Different types of fruit knives? maybe have to ask my dear because he is the one who enjoyed this adventure the most.
I kinda forget what is this? Right is the back view of my dear.

Close up picture of the statues. Left is the male and right is the female. obviously rite? why do I have to explain?? lolz!! nvm.... the woman is carrying her baby. It is said that it can boost fertilization rate.

There is a tale whereby if you touch the female or male? statue, you can get fertilized easily....lolx!!! wahhaa try it if you want babies!!!

Believe it or not?

The letters written by late Wayne Harbour

Close up picture of
The Berlin Wall Timeline

The Berlin Wall Timeline

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