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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Its been a tiring time for the last weekend but things go on smoothly and fruitful event. Its was quite successful eventually. I really hope that things will go on like this from now go.
Gonna share some nice pictures take during the event.
"Can see? Most of the trinkets shown in this portion are my speciality exclusively for the event. Fancy anything? If you have missed it :p, email me, I may just give you are surprise!! haha!!!"
EARRINGS!! and more earrings. Those displayed in the blue rectangular box are my new designs specially for this event. Some of them are still available! :)~~ no~no... feeling something dripping.....EMAIL!!!

" Some earrings babies!! "

"All my special collection ~ mainly necklaces. Mostly sold...but email me O:p??"

"My dear bazaar partner who has went thru the hardship of running events with me together. Its not easy but with each other's help and support, nothing can stop us! I hope that both of us will be successful in our entrepreneurship. Jia You!"


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