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Monday, August 6, 2007

This is something Im can say Im really proud in myself with!
EYECANDY! Love Pixie!!
My Greatest love in making ribbon flowers!
My Dreams in crafting more drooling, gorgeous trinkets
My Passion in making your favourite and unresistable pieces
What else can you say no to buying my creations?
What other reasons can you give to choose others than me?
Am I good enough?
I am still improving. PLEASE please let me know or drop me an email. Tell me the ways to improvise or give me urrrsssss IDEAS!
I love listening to you and reading your mails.
Let's blog or email about this!! haha!!!
P/s: I think Im crazy and getting out of mind. lolz...today is my birthday and Im sad. gotta spent this whole nightmare alone. Why do I call it a nightmare? Simply because that I feel that Im getting wrinkled and old. REN LAO ZHU HUANG! lolz this is the phrase that I always, always hear from my ex-colleague. Still can remember her voices for this phrase vividly. Btw, I wish all of you out there who came out to this world and born the same day as me a very very "Happy Birthday!" Be happy and may the journey gets more exciting for ALL of us...(including you reading) *winks*
Love ya!
oops...forgot?? I have forgotten to thank those who have taken the time to remember and drop me a sms wishing me happy birthday. realli i appreciate that and I wana let you know that, you are the BEST! You make my day a happier day! Great Day!

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