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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I would like to share some of my joy during this year's birthday! Though its a late update of my birthday celebration, I hope it can bring back some memories & more joy. This picture is taken with my family members on my 2_th birthday...:p ooppss my age....sad to say that Im feeling old. But I feel that age does not prevent my motivation, determination, passion & creativity in life. Same goes to my designing works.

Been sick and on a low morale on the past few days....which is mainly the reason for my lack of updates. My dear supporters, if you are reading this, I would like to say very sorry for that. I am also taking this as an opportunities for a break and I hope to improvise and seek new inspirations for my work. From now on, I think I might not be updating daily as is what I have been doing for the past month. Updates will be periodically and as and when I have new collection.

Hereby thanking those who have MADE a contribution/comments. Without these, it will not push me further to surpass myself and provide more creative works.

Sometimes, I do agree that seeing what others say/think do affects your emotion. I would not be angry or blame you for that, mainly because of the reason that I feel that some of you may be too young and immature. Just grow up and you may realize what you have done its right/wrong and it takes time too!

Sometimes I feel that, we should be contented with what we have and enjoying now. Time do not stop for people. We really have to show more care and concern, not only for those around you but also for others. I believe that its better to show care than not as it just shows your integrity and character. Be polite and sincere to others and you will be respected.

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