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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Valerie taking a little break after a stretching yoga exercise. I have been practising Hatha Yoga for 5years and still counting. Sometimes I wonder what gaves me the energy and interests to continue doing it. I am doing like once-a-week basis. During my first 3-4 years, I also do them at home. There are many steps and poses and kinda hard to memorise all and practise them correctly at home. It was after sometime then the technique was built in. haha!! what do you think happened on the 4th-5th year? haihzzz lazy and lazier lah!! Also feeling more tired due to work. But I still practise it once a week.

About what gaves me the energy to continue it for so long? hmmm pondering a while :"...............

Its relaxing, destressing, useful to me? Hatha yoga is not like those ordinary yoga whereby you practise mostly breathing techniques. During each session, we have to perform various poses, exercise, etc.... very tired....AND on the 2nd day, you will FEEL the results. LOLX!!!!! wahhaaahhaa!! why do I bold/caps those words. okie back to topic...Every 2nd day I will always feel muscle pain. I always feel that when doing such exercises, the energy to push me to go on is this phrase ~ NO PAIN NO GAIN! Yupz!! Its effective and helpful. For those who feels lazy and giving excuses to exercise, keep this phrase in your heart and hope that it can be of help to u.

Since I am doing Petalthots Creations full-time basis, perhaps, I can find some time out to do some yoga at home? okies will get it started. bathing time~~ and dinner so hungry now!!!! You can almost hear my stomach grumbling :" I WANT FOOD".


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