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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


haha!! above quoted from my cute little Abercombie t-shirt.
I really have a lot of ideas and designs to create but lack of time. god please provide me more time and ENERGY. I always feel tired so easily or maybe lazy? Lack of motivation. Can someone out there please give me a call to motivate me? send me more love...i nid lotsa of them love love love....I need support please!! Buy more Petalthots Creations!!!! haha!!

waitiing for my new claybeads from swiss. Ginette is a good clay crafter and really excited to receive her handmade clays. Does any of you know that Im a claybead lover? Well, I LOVE CLAYBEADS!! how I wish I can make my own Petalthots Claybeads. hmm...I would work towards it. I tried doing some but they are not what I have expected.

gtg bathing time~ jus back from yoga and stick to my pc till now....cya

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