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Saturday, July 28, 2007

WhoaWhoaWhoa!!! The Smart Way to ShopSwop!!

A customer of mine sent me this site, YouSwop.com. Its a community for swopping of things. I think this idea is pretty interesting and seems like quite a few around. But this is one of the big community I have seen so far. The members are increasing and you are swopping worldwide. Look worldwide means international! Okay, one will think like erhm...:"What about the shipping fees?" No matter you are swopping internationally or locally, the shipping fees applies. You have to bear the shipping so as the other party. I think its fair as its a two-sided form of transaction. In addition, you need not pay for the full cost of buying this item. Its much, much worth it, plus you can get rid of your the extras which you do not need. haha!!! Great deal huh?

Its presently on a beta stage and joining subject to invitation only. If you are interested to join this community, email me and I will send you the invitation. My email address is itz_fashion@yahoo.com.sg

Surprise surprise notice.....I have joined and may be posting some of my designs there. haha!! who knows?

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