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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its a cooling and breezy place. Here I am enjoying this place of paradise and comfort. hey babes....its really cool here and its my fav. holiday destination. Price is affordable at least for the type of things here. Although there's not much things which you can do here but at least if you are with someone you love, its different.

Have watched a roll of movies lately. lolzz I watched harry porter twice, one in sg and one here. Today is the launch of the final book for Harry Porter series and I do wonder how the story is. This movie episode ~ "The order of the phoenix" is quite different from the book. hmmm its normal....

I came out from the theatre few hours ago, for transformer.. whoa!!! amazing story, exciting effects. One would think that its a show full of tecnological devices, robotic and violent. I have another view after watching it. Robots also have feeling yea? kinda touching when the young boy actually feel sadden when he sees bumblebee being hurt. I feel sad too..... My favourite of the metal giants are BUMBLEBEE & OPTIMAL PRIME!!!! (dun realli know how to spell). They r real kooolllzzz!!!! I can still recall the cartoon ~ "transformer" during my childhood days. Its my younger brother's fav toys during then.... Its already IS veri popular during that time. Im sure those who grew up with it will love it for sure....great movie!!!

well...that sums up part of my itinery here.... I have made a necklace at the hotel just now and feels lazier.....I would be loading it tommorrow (hopefully).....
I wish that Petalthots will be well-known, loved by all and more popular than eva.

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