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Friday, July 6, 2007

Im so sorry readers. Sorry for being so slow and late in uploading these photos. Better be late than never. These are some of the pictures which I have taken at Mind Cafe on 30 June 2007. Although there isnt a lot but will try to grab some from my friend...lolz!! kk....things went on well on that day. Its another good experience for me because I get to meet a few very sweet and nice bloggers too!!

Well, as said, a lot of bloggers actually set up a mini stall there so it means I get the chance to shop around. Whoohoo!! shopping rather than making money =p. Its a great time shopping lor!! I manage to see some faces which we usually only get to see their writings. When there are chances such as this, it is good as in we get to meet up not only to gain more publicity but we do some social networking. Some of us even exchange namecards. I think my namecard design is the ugliest :(.....others are all so NICeeeeeee (jealous)... Nevertheless, hope to join more of such events again.

These are Claudia's babies! She handmade all of them. Imagine all the hardwork and efforts put on them. At times, she even shed blood...lolz exaggerating!! What Im trying to say is, she pricked herself while sewing. All must buy her stuff okies!! Boyfriends!! show your love to your girlfriends lah!!! Surprise them with such unique stuff..... ahem!! ahheem!!! Not to forget, visit http://petalthots.blogspot for more handmade accessories too!! lolz!! self-advertising!! paiseh! Its a job sickness!

And these are my fanciful, stylish clothings imported from overseas. Looks messy ya!! but its gal's heaven neh!! Well, just let it be lah....not messy got people see meh??

These are my babies creations! All handmade and self-designed by myself. Im constantly improving and hope to produce more stuffs for (YOU) lovely babes!

My necklaces and bracelets. If there is anything which you fancy in the above pictures, dun hesitate anymore, email me for order/enquiries NOW! I would glady answer your questions! Well gals, stay tuned!!


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