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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

gosh!! I think Im infected by one disease. Its one of a kind and unusual. Im infected by the craze to shop and shop for beads. Nowadays, Im rather scared to go out to shop for new beads. The reason is simple. It is because I will always and always end up buying a lot, alot, alot....alot.....alot and alot, alot, alot, alot (neverending) beads. Whenever Im outside shopping for beads, which I love to do, I like all the new charms/beads/design and I would want to bring them to Petalthots. I want to bring in new stuff and new ideas and never want to be lack of ideas. Lately, I feel that I should go and find a job and mend this in a part time basis. Should I? This is a question which I am still thinking and considering. I think that I should and must do it. But my passion is in beading and creating new blings. Sometimes, I would be thinking this way. How come some of the online website sells so well? Every of their items are always snatch, reserve within a short period of time. Its really fast till you cant really imagine. Am I losing out to them in terms of my workmanship?, my sincerity?, my designs?, my ideas?....omg what m I thinking? HEY!! you out there reading this, dun just read lah...give me some kind feedback, comments or suggestions. I would be grateful. Dun worry, I will take each and every comment seriously, though I may not reply instanteously or may not reply, I will remember them and try to put them into practice.

Well, I have just came home with loads of beads and findings. Im thinking of selling some of my extra beads. It can help to subside my income abit hor? well, maybe I will do it after my KL trip. yupz going kl find weiwei again....I miss wei. haven seen him for 2months++...going to 3 alreadi. I will be bringing my tools there and hopefully, I would be able to bring back more and more creations for Petalthots!!!

back to uploading bloggy and wiring~~ tata cya~~

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