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Sunday, July 1, 2007

pissed off.....I tried my best to build up good relationship, good networking. Some ppl are very nice naturally but some arent. They have some kind of ego or attitude problem. Do you think I care? I cant be bothered. I would rather spend my time to better use or make more creations. I also wont care how other ppl look or think of me. I am who I am. I am always friendly and nice to everyone because I think that I should respect other ppl before they would respect me. Over at my old office, I always try to help each and every officer but I do not expect any returns. Somehow I feel that its better not to expect anything rather than be disappointed. One of my friend told me that he is always nice because he hope that other ppl will help him when he meets problem or needs help. Well~ different ppl have different views. Its the same. My view is different from yours; my style of working also differs.

My ex-colleague cum good friend has gone to India. :( miss her.....hope she is enjoying her time now. Please take care of your dearie okies! :p heehee...bring back some unique beading stuff for me too!! *smiles*

okies....very tired after the events. rather quiet today. erh should have brought my 2nd hand stuff there too! lolx lotsa uncles and aunties though, nice experience. Oo ya!! A proposal received!!! ahhaha!!! Though this is not the first time that I receive offers/proposal, Im still very glad and excited on every one because it determines my potential in designing. When its Tare.Hugz era, I have more. dunoo why but did receive quite a few... But I did not accept any because Im doing it on part time and do not really have much time for that.

okies sleeping time. good nite!

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