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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Im back home at last. so tired bringing all my clothes home. But very happie because I get to see new faces and meet more people. Just when my sisters and I were packing the stuffs and going off, a guy keep looking at us and wanted to tell us something. Then, I ask him what does he wans to say. He said in a rather confusing manner to us that he was looking for something. Im trying to listen to him very hard as he is not local and the "slang" just sounds weird. I managed to understand a bit and learned that he came yesterday with his gf and they fancy a piece of pendant. He was looking for that piece of necklace which I have made and wonder if its still available. Out of pity for such a loving and caring guy for gf, I opened my boxes one by one. I found that pendant and added the chains to him. He is very delighted and I felt very happie too! Its another happy ending. I hope that his gf will really understands his sincere love towards her and that necklace. (He some more ask me to make another customization for him :(. I wanted to but the stuffs are all in my boxes already)

This event is very experiencing for me and pretty successful. Will consider having more of such events in future.

Coming up next would be my event at Mind's Cafe, 68 Boat Quay. Will bring some of my clothes and handmade accessories.

Till then, tommorrow hope can post some updates, if possible to wake up...... cya


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