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Sunday, June 17, 2007

at home finally....tired tired tired. been working till late for the past 2 days. but yippe!! today can come home early and settle some online things..

miss me mah everyone? haha...like talking to myself...lolxxx!!!
made some new friends and add some gals to my mailing list. I feel happy when my customer are delighted and thrilled when they see my work. Its erh...a sense of satisfaction gained!! :) wahhhaaa!! funnie lah... Its been quite fun though, get to meet some really cute people. My sisters and brothers were there to help me out :), so much jokes with them around... muackzzz love them lots....i feel very fortunate to have so much support and love! thanks to my dear too, who has been consistently giving me his love, care, encouragement and support. I wonder how my life will be without u...I really miss u alot dear :) if you get to see this para.

I hope EVERY tommorrow will be a better and greater day for me. *_* okie, that's all folks...now its time for me to get some sleep and prepare for a longer battle tommorrow.

loves dear, family and friends

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